About Kingston
Hood Cleaning

Kingston Hood Cleaning is a professional company in Kingston, Ontario, Canada that cleans hoods and kitchen exhausts for restaurants. The company was started with the goal of giving local restaurants the best hood cleaning services and making sure their kitchen exhaust systems are always in good shape.

A kitchen exhaust system is an important part of any commercial kitchen because it helps get rid of smoke, heat, grease, and other particles that get into the air while cooking. A dirty kitchen exhaust system can cause a fire, so it’s important to clean it regularly to keep it in good shape. Kingston Hood Cleaning is here to help restaurant owners keep the exhaust systems in their kitchens clean and working well.

The company’s services include cleaning and maintaining hoods, ducts, fans, filters, and every other part of the kitchen exhaust system. Their team of certified hood cleaners uses the most up-to-date tools and methods to clean hoods in a way that is both thorough and quick. The cleaning process starts with a thorough check of the kitchen exhaust system to see how it works and find any fire risks.

The people who clean the hoods then use special cleaners and high-pressure washers to get rid of any grease and grime that has built up in the system. Once the cleaning is done, they will also make suggestions for any repairs or upgrades that are needed to make sure the kitchen exhaust system is working at its best. Kingston Hood Cleaning also offers a wide range of maintenance services, such as replacing fan belts, filters, and duct work, to help keep the kitchen exhaust system in good shape.

Kingston Hood Cleaning is committed to always putting safety first and giving their customers the best service possible. Their team of hood cleaners is fully licenced and insured, and they follow all local, provincial, and federal safety rules. They also take pride in their work and try to make sure that every project they do has the best results possible.

In conclusion, Kingston Hood Cleaning is the place to go if you own a restaurant in Kingston, Ontario, and you need professional hood and kitchen exhaust cleaning services. With great customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and a commitment to safety, they are the best company to clean your hood. Get in touch with them right away to set up an appointment and keep your kitchen exhaust system working well.